Top Trends in the Custom Aquarium World for Offices

Top Trends in the Custom Aquarium World for Offices

Research proves that watching fish swim in an aquarium is measurably beneficial to human beings. Watching the fish swirl, dart, and glide through the water is therapeutic and calming. In fact, it can actually lower a person’s blood pressure and take the mind off pain. If you’re looking for a way to calm, de-stress, and relax the visitors who come to your commercial space, consider installing an aquarium. Here are some top trends in office aquarium design to help you get started

  1. Multi-sided Aquariums

Your first instinct may be to place the aquarium against a wall, at one side of the room. However, the more open and centrally located the aquarium is, the more people can benefit from its therapeutic effects. Consider placing the aquarium in the middle of the room, or make it part of the wall or partition between two rooms, waiting areas, or offices.

  1. Unique Aquarium Shapes

When you think of an aquarium, you probably envision a rectangular box, perhaps about the size of the average desk or a small table.  design far beyond the rectangular form. Imagine aquariums in the shape of giant columns, flanking a doorway, or picture a tunnel-shaped aquarium where fish swim over your head as you walk to the conference room. How about a triangular aquarium, or an aquarium that reaches from floor to ceiling and holds 30,000 gallons of water? The only limit is your imagination.

  1. Aquariums in the Workspace

Why limit an aquarium to the lobby or reception area of your business or office complex? Why not extend the mental and physical health benefits to the people who work for you? Some offices choose to build aquariums that run the length of a row of cubicles, allowing every employee a glimpse of the natural world while working. One company had a custom-made aquarium built to zigzag along the surfaces of interconnecting desks, elevating the look of the office space and providing workers with a better view than a blank wall or the back of a coworker’s laptop.

  1. Aquariums as Tables

Do you need a unique coffee table for the CEO’s office or for the break room? Picture an aquarium that serves as a functional table, topped with a thick slab of glass which can be removed to feed the fish. It’s a truly beautiful centerpiece and a great conversation starter, whether you’re interviewing a potential employee or wooing a client.

  1. Aquarium Lighting

Towards the end of the day, most of the lights in the office are probably shut off; but you may have some employees who work late or take on a night shift. Treat them to a rare and beautiful light show by including some waterproof LED lights or other special lighting effects for your aquarium. Always ask a professional like to install your aquarium lighting, and consult with an expert to make sure that the lighting will not be harmful to your fish’s health. Whether you use glowing artificial jellyfish, exterior spotlights, or some other form of lighting, you can make your aquarium look like a magical underwater world at night.

  1. The Aquarium Sink

If you have a special executive bathroom or some other exclusive facility in your building, consider installing an aquarium sink. The aquarium forms the base of the sink and has the sink bowl set into it, as well as removable ports for tending and feeding the fish. Turn a simple hand-washing station into a piece of living artwork that your clients and other honored guests will remember for years.

  1. The Sofa Aquarium

Want to take the seating in your waiting area to the next level? Have an aquarium designer construct a simple sofa frame with armrests and a seat back that are actually fish tanks. Affix some custom-made padding to the seat, back, and armrests, and you have an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind sofa.

Add some living art to your office space and share the soothing effects with everyone who enters your place of business. Call us at to talk about design ideas!

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