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Pocillopora Verrucosa - Rasp/Knob-Horned Coral #02201

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Pocillopora Verrucosa - Rasp/Knob-Horned Coral #02201


6.5 x 5 x 3

Colonies are seldom more than 0.5 metres across and are composed of uniform upright branches clearly distinct from the verrucae, but the latter are irregular in size. Branches are thick and compact in habitats exposed to strong wave action, becoming open and thinner in protected habitats. Bleached skeletons have permanently colored red-brown main branches.

Common Color: Usually cream, brown or pink, sometimes blue.

Habitat: Occurs in most shallow water environments from exposed reef fronts to protected fringing reefs.

Abundance: Common.

Similar species: Pocillopora capitata , Pocillopora danae , Pocillopora elegans

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