Custom Aquarium Decor

Custom Aquarium Decor

You step into a hotel lobby or the reception area of a large company, and the first thing to catch your eye is a massive aquarium. Its glittering waters and colorful sea life draw you closer, and you find yourself admiring the rock formations, coral, and aquatic plant life as well as the fish. You would probably be astonished to learn that, in many cases, the rocks, coral formations, anemones, and some of the plant life aren’t real at all. In fact, they are carefully constructed and painted by an aquarium artist.

Types of Aquarium Art

There are many different styles of aquarium art. One kind focuses on mimicking the natural beauty of the underwater world, imitating the color and structures of a coral reef or an underwater rock formation. That’s the kind of aquarium art we practice here at The world of the ocean is so varied and beautiful, with so many different hues and shapes, that it offers endless opportunities to explore, shape, and create.

Another type of aquarium design is the Japanese style, like that of Takashi Amano. This type of artist attempts to make the interior of the aquarium look like a landscape rather than a seascape. Plants might be arranged like grass, with pebbles forming paths and tiny trees growing right in the water. When you look into the aquarium, you may feel as if you’re looking into a forest or across a meadow, while the fish seem almost birdlike as they swim across it.

You can also buy aquarium decor in a local pet store and create your own aquascapes. These pet store decor items are usually mass-manufactured and may not have the same beauty and handcrafted feel of a professionally-sculpted piece. However, you can combine store-bought decor elements in unique ways to make your home aquarium look amazing.

Aquarium-Safe Art Supplies

At, we use aquarium-safe paint for all our aquariums. We’re not only concerned with making something unique and beautiful— we’re also intent on crafting a safe, welcoming home for the fish who will live there. Our non-toxic paints and sealants are applied to the decor in the tank, where they remain beautiful to the eye and release no harmful chemicals to affect the fish.

Paint Your Own Aquarium Decor

Do you have some old aquarium decor that you would like to spruce up? It’s easy to do this yourself if the pieces are small. For large pieces, we suggest asking a professional to refurbish the pieces or fabricate new ones for you.

To repaint your aquarium decor, purchase some latex-based acrylic paint or two-part epoxy that is aquarium-safe. Double-check the label on the bottle to ensure that the paint won’t be harmful to your fish.

Let the aquarium decor dry completely before you start painting. You may need to remove some old paint, dirt, or buildup as well. Once the item is ready to be painted, apply a light coat with a small paintbrush and let it dry. Then apply a second coat and allow it to dry as well. If you want some texture or dimension for the decoration, try using a sponge or some other textured surface to apply paint in a complementary color. Finally, apply a sealant as an extra safeguard against deterioration. For best results, turn the project over to a professional aquarium expert from We can introduce beautiful shading, texture, and color to your favorite aquarium decor pieces.

Want to catch a glimpse of our aquarium-building process? Visit our Creation page to see photos of one of our custom-made units in production. If you have questions about the aquarium art or high-end craftsmanship that we provide, contact us today and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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