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Crystal Sea Marinemix

Crystal Sea Marinemix


Box includes one 150-gallon bag.

Because Quality Does Matter!

Wherever there is a need to duplicate natural seawater … Crystal Sea® is essential. Scientifically formulated to contain the major, minor, and trace elements to support any form of marine life. Ideally suited for use in public aquaria, aquaculture, university research, environmental study, ornamental fish, and reef aquaria. Over four decades of success internationally!

One Salt Does It All!

“One Salt Does It All” by maintaining both marine fish, delicate corals and invertebrate life without the addition of liquid trace elements or the use of two separate salts.

Over 70 Elements Included

Calcium and other specific elements have been enhanced to support delicate marine life, Crystal Sea¨ clears within minutes without insoluble residue.

Dechlorinates added to each batch to ensure instant removal of harmful chlorine from tap water.

Superior Formulation Using Modern Technology

Scientifically blended utilizing a superior computer controlled blending system insuring exact mixing of anhydrous ingredients.

No organics or unnecessary additives.

No ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate or E.D.T.A. added.

Used by Industry Professionals and Hobbyists

Crystal Sea¨ Marine mix is the number-one marine mix sold worldwide!

Used by major public aquariums, universities, biological research facilities and government testing agencies. Professionally used since 1968.

Attractively illustrated consumer and professional sizes available for use in the U.S. and for export.

Complete Duplication of Natural Sea Water

Crystal Sea¨ offers complete duplication of natural seawater’s major, minor, and trace elements contained in a single stage homogeneous blend. Crystal Sea¨ contains only 100% natural elements to support even the most delicate fish, corals, and invertebrate life.

Over 70 Elements

Over 70 major and minor elements are included in Crystal Sea¨. Calcium and other specific items are enhanced over natural sea water for reef aquariums. Except for a dechlorinating compound, there are no other additives. No nitrates, phosphates, ammonia, silicates or E.D.T.A.

Easy to Mix

A single-stage blend contains all elements in one dry, crystalline mixture. Addition of any liquid trace solution at the time of hydration is unnecessary. Solubility is immediate and complete, clearing within minutes without insoluble residue. A proper pH of 8.3 is attained upon hydration.

Quality Assured

Crystal Sea® Marine-mix is manufactured under the most stringent quality control guidelines using a superior computer controlled blending system. This insures exact mixing of anhydrous ingredients throughout each batch. The crystalline ingredients used in Crystal Sea® Marine-mix are highly soluble, dissolving immediately, and clearing completely within minutes. Crystal Sea® Marine-mix is ideal for reef aquariums as well as all other types of marine aquaria. Crystal Sea® Marine-mix contains NO other additives or organics such as … ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, or E.D.T.A. Guaranteed!

Experience Rated for Over 40 Years

Crystal Sea¨ is the number-one selling marine-mix worldwide in the combined fields of environmental testing, university research, aquiculture, public aquaria, retail dealers, marine fish wholesalers, and marine hobbyists.

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